Visiting Nurse and Hospice Services VNHS

Visiting Nurse and Hospice Services VNHS: Ages: 18 and over. No previous experience necessary. Orientation and training will be provided to interested volunteers. Provide needed support and companionship as a friend to patients and/or their families.· Contact patient/family by phone before visits.· Maintain telephone contact with patient and family when unable to keep established visit schedule,  assist patient with tasks such as: Light meal preparation and mealtime assistance, Shopping and related errands, assistance with letter writing, reading, or pursuing hobbies/ interests ie: sports, politics, occupations; listen and allow patient to review memories and love of family and friends; watch TV, play cards and board game; look at old scrapbooks; walk with patient if patient is up to it; sit at patient’s bedside and be a needed presence. Contact:  Macleod  Carre, MSWBereavement & Volunteer,Tel (800) 792-8603 ext 2105