United Planet

United Planet is an international non-profit organization that provides local as well as international volunteer programs to communities in need spanning over 40 countries. These programs known as "Quests" strive to create cross-cultural understanding, foster lasting relationships and provide meaningful service to the world.  Quest programs are available as short-term lasting from 1 to 12 weeks or long-term which can last 6 months to a year. With United Planet, you can choose the project of your choice -- from teaching to environmental conservation to women's empowerment -- and more!  On a more local level, United Planet offers programs such as the Cultural Awareness Project and Ambassador Clubs.  The Cultural Awareness project (CAP) promotes global understanding on a local level.  It provides opportunities for people interested in different cultures to learn from others as well as spread their knowledge.  The Ambassador Clubs are opportunities for people to establish programs in their communities and schools to inspire leadership, civic engagement, and international cooperation and empower people of all ages to become catalysts for change. To learn more about United Planet programs and to sign up for a Quest, please visit www.unitedplanet.org or contact us via phone (800)292-2316 or email quest@unitedplanet.org