Migrant Worker Outreach

The grand opening, by Migrant Worker Outreach, has coincided with its clothing drive. 

"We have two rooms, one for the volunteer center and one for the Migrant Worker Outreach Clothing Drive,” said Dory Dickson, a retired teacher and director of the Medford Volunteer Center. "At first, the clothing drive will fill up most of both rooms. We won't have much space for volunteer center activities until the blueberry harvest finishes and we have distributed the donated clothing.”

Those interested in donating clothing to Migrant Worker Outreach can do so through May 31. Dickson advised residents to check the hours for the donation drive by visiting MedfordVolunteerCenter@blogspot.com . A list of items requested to be donated can be found by visiting the "Get Involved” page of www.MigrantWorkerOutreach.org.