Hug Wraps

Hug Wraps are a hospital gown alternative for cancer patients to wear to various treatments. The wraps were designed by Brenda Jones who was undergoing daily radiation treatments for breast cancer. Now they are made for patients with all types of cancer.

Hug Wrap Sewing Volunteers meet the 3rd Wednesday of each month, at Olde City Quilts 339 High Street Burlington, NJ 10:30-3 pm. In addition to sewing help, we are in need volunteers with the skills listed Website maintenance & updating; computer input; PR & Marketing; Strategic Planning Fundraising; Graphic Design; and Social Media ~Community Service Hours~ We welcome students that are in need of fulfilling community service hours. College students...Intern Opportunities Available (unpaid) -Junior Volunteers must be of High School age: (13 years of age or older) Contact us via email:, Brenda Jones  - 501 c (3) organization.