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Burlignton County COAD

The Mission of the Burlington County Community Organizations Active in Disaster (BUCOAD) is to bring together Community Organizations that are active in providing disaster relief so they can together, through cooperation and coordination, help people affected by disasters in Burlington County and, when called upon, to people throughout New Jersey and the nation, as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Our Values • Cooperation: We provide a forum to meet, learn, and develop understandings about how we can work together. • Communication: We regularly share our capacities, accomplishments, commitments, and concerns. • Coordination: We commit to work together toward our goal of effective services to disaster victims. We seek to match services to need. We plan and prepare to equip organization to coordinate our efforts in time of disaster • Collaboration: We dedicate ourselves to form partnerships to enhance disaster response efforts. Participating organizations and groups maintain their own identity and independent disaster response protocols.


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2019 Meeting Schedule

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Burlington County COAD urges you to be affiliated with a disaster preparedness, response and/or recovery organization well in advance of any disaster.


Ready fo' Sure.wmv 2011 - The Burlington County Health Department produced this CDC award winning preparedness video as a unique way to reach a different target audience in hopes of encouraging more people to be prepared for a disaster. The video did not cost anything to produce except staff time. It was shot with a handheld digital camera with a video option and was edited in Windows Live Movie Maker.

This video was produced for the CDC emergency preparedness video competition:


For more information on how you can be prepared visit www.emergency.cdc.gov.


Get (Build) a Kit

Make a Plan

Be Informed




NJVOAD – a coalition of organizations that contribute to developing and sustaining community resiliency throughout the disaster cycle – facilitates and fosters cooperation, communication, coordination and collaboration among members and partners to improve preparedness, resilience, response and recovery resulting in more effective outcomes.


Burlington County Health Department Hurricane Preparedness Video:



BUCOAD Quaterly Meeting -   BUCOAD Photo



Volunteer Center of Burlington County has been a Burlington County COAD Member sInce December 2008.