• Adolescent Mentoring Program

    The Adolescent Mentoring Program provides young adults, ages 14-20 who are at-risk for child abuse and neglect, with a responsible adult Mentor. Supportive adult relationships are a critical part of encouraging healthy youth development and when there is no one else there to fill this role or to provide youth with the attention they need, Mentors can make all the difference! Our mentors assist youth by being a listening presence to guide them through their ever-changing lives.

  • Battleship New Jersey Memorial & Museum

    Battleship New Jersey Memorial & Museum needs volunteer tour guides (18+) for weekend, weekday, and evening events.  Tour guides lead individual and group tours, work with veterans and youth groups, chaperone overnight encampments, and serve as guest lecturers throughout the tri-state area.  Also, restoration and clerical support opportunities.  No previous military experience required.

More New Opportunities...

  • In January, Volunteer Center of Burlington County will welcome a new generation of board members to compliment current members. Also, beginning in 2020 the center will initiate a five-year plan to become better acquainted with the needs of residents and community resources of Burlington County municipalities.


- To all who manage volunteer - visit our Forum for Volunteer Man agers blog https://forumforvm.wordpress.com/

- Volunteer Center of Burlington County is establishing a Skills Bank for matching volunteers with the specific needs of organizations.  To register with the Skills Bank send an  email message to volcenter@hotmail.com -  include name, email address, specific skill(s), availability, area you are available to serve, population and/or cause most interested.

​- Find a Volunteer Center: http://pointsoflight.org/global/our-network Points of Light operates through a network of innovative volunteer-mobilizing organizations located in more than 250 cities across 37 countries. Together we are inspiring, equipping and mobilizing more people to use their time, talent, voice and money to create positive change in their communities. Our global network brings a unique blend of inspiration, innovation and a passion to help citizens and many of the world’s leading companies take action to solve community problems.

- Volunteer Center of Burlington County urges you to be affiliated with a disaster preparedness, response and/or recovery organization well in advance of any disaster

- To receive the Volunteer Center's Volunteer Opportunities Directory and/or Youth Volunteer Opportunities Directory email: volcenter@hotmail.com

Municipalities in Burlington County

- The Volunteer Center of Burlington County, a private, nonprofit 501 (c) (3) charitable organization that provides and promotes volunteer opportunities, programs and services to meet community needs, is most grateful for all of its invaluable partnerships with numerous public, private and independent sector entities.