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I am a junior at Shawnee High School and the founder of the nonprofit incorporation of Princess Empowerment.

Princess Empowerment’s mission is to inspire strength and positivity in children with life-threatening diseases. Our organization was founded on the knowledge that girls battling cancer often face low self-esteem when they lose their hair during chemotherapy.

Princess Empowerment is a Nonprofit Corporation dedicated to inspiring strength and positivity in children with life-threatening conditions. Battling cancer and facing the effects of chemotherapy can greatly harm a young girl's self-esteem. Through a variety of our personalized 'Tiara Workshops', Princess Empowerment promotes positive self-image and teaches that all girls are princesses.

Loss of hair often makes it impossible to wear hair accessories. Princess Empowerment has designed a tiara that is specifically with girls who do not have hair (but also for girls who do). The tiaras promote inclusivity and teaches these brave girls that they are princesses. Princess Empowerment hosts workshops for kids with cancer where each girl receives a tiara and pillow that they can personally embellish with the help of a team member. Our workshops have given tiaras to hundreds of girls and in doing so promoted positive self-image in the cancer community. To continue our mission and provide free tiaras, Princess Empowerment needs support.

Rebecca Leavens

Founder + Executive Director

Photo provided by Princess Empowerment


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